Love Music

With the recent release of Jessie J’s new single Nobody’s Perfect, it seems she is giving the one and only Lady Gaga a run for her money! Appearing in her new video in animal print, a coat made of watches, and excessive eye make up she too is going for that ‘statement look’.

But can she beat this?                                                                                                                                                                          Or this?

Only time will tell, i can see this becoming a battle between the two, who can have the most ridiculous outfit? It’s the whole thing fo ‘being different’ and turning heads. So far I would definitley say Gaga has the upper hand. I mean who wears a dress made purely of meat?!?!?! That’s got to be worth something.


One of my favourite songs of all time is Bon Iver – Skinny Love. And when i like a song i am the type of person to listen to it over and over again, some how not getting sick of it.

A couple of weeks ago i heard a version from an artist called ‘Birdy’ it is difficult to find much if anything about her on the internet but i couldnt believe it that she is only 14 years old!

It is an amazing cover of the song and i really love it maybe even more than the original. Her real name is ‘Jasmine Van den Bogaerde’ and is a british song writer/singer, she won the UK Idol award when she was only 12, wondering why i haven’t heard of her before this. She has a few more videos on youtube, it is worth taking a look.


But if your an ‘original’ person check out Bon Iver’s version. They are quite different, on is accompanied by piano where Iver’s is guitar.

Thats strange, it is St Patricks day. And the worlds most used search engine that customises its logo for every occasion: National teachers day, Fathers Day, Valentines day, Persian New year, has failed to do so in 2011?! Strange that i noticed but it came across me today in our lecture about search engines. Just a thought…

Watching “The Social Network” really gets you thinking how it all really did begin? How do you improve Myspace, Bebo and other social networking sites? i have been on quite a lot and would say Facebook is my favourite even though it is the most simple in design, although it is easiest to use. I really enjoyed the film and would definitly recommend it, not something you would think they could actually make a film for but it seems they can out of anything these days!!

Love this picture!